About Us

We are fans of all things delicious: of fresh country eggs, fruit from our garden, the smell of something sweet cooking in the oven, of coffee in the morning, good friends and family seated around the table, chocolate on the face of a smiling child.

Its a good story. A chance meeting that led to a transcontinental romance. If food is love, then La Gringa Bakery Cafe has got it in scores. La Gringa founders Naomi (Seattle born, marketer turned baker) and Rodrigo (Santiaguino, traveler, wine connoisseur) met in Shanghai China and dated long distance before settling on Puerto Varas as the place where they would put down roots. In 2011, taking the phrase “date un gusto” or treat yourself as its slogan, La Gringa started as an outpost for North American style baked goods quickly gaining a reputation among locals for its hand-made and all-natural products.

Later Naomi and Rodrigo were joined by good friends and fellow “foodies” Maca and Renato who lend their expertise in wine, marketing and events to the management team of La Gringa Bakery Cafe and the newly launched Mercado 605 Wine Deli.